Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Access your Macromedia Flash player settings

This is a re-post of a post I did two years ago but it is still relevant.

Most people don't realize how much information their computer stores about what they do on the internet.

Here is a link to access your Macromedia Flash player settings. You can go here to Clean up your Flash sites. This takes you to the Settings manager. It is the actual Settings Manager not an image. If you click Delete All Sites, all websites are removed from your list of visited websites. Any information a website may have stored on your computer is erased.

In this panel, you can change storage settings for a website or delete the website so that, if you visit it again, it will use your global settings instead of any individual settings you may have set. You can also delete all sites, which erases any information that may have already been stored on your computer.

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