Monday, January 14, 2008

Good morning

Good morning, Sorry I haven't posted in a while but there is not really much to say, or should I say I am not sure what I can and should say. :)

Now that my kids Cindy and John are out of A-School and on regular Navy bases I will be more careful of what I post. No one has told me what I can and cant post on here but because of Security I want to be careful and not put them or their shipmates in danger.

Both Cindy and John are doing well and still love the Navy and are happy. We talk to them several times a week. John is still taking pictures but without knowing what I can post I will era on the side of caution and not post most if any of them. I wish someone would tell them and me what can and can't be made public. I would like for my readers to hear and see what a positive experience it has been for both of my kids.

Cindy is in her FC-C-School in San Diego and the weather is great. She called Saturday morning and was enjoying temps in the 70s. She said that School was going well and she was very happy. We talk to John several times a week when his ship " The USS Doyle" is in port and he has been out on a few short cruises and loves it. Yesterday he did Basic Damage Control training, Petty Officer Of The Watch training, Messenger of the Watch training, and Gate Guard training. He said "Today actually has not been that bad. " John is happiest when he is busy. He might not admit that but my wife and I can tell. John told me today that he slept well last night on the ship and is in for a busy week.

That's about it for now, if someone in charge from the Navy or the Doyle wants to clue me in on what I should and should not post please feel free to contact me at Thanks. :)

By the way I did read SECNAVINST 5720.47B and see stated in that document is says

"There is also no prohibition on blogs operated by individual members as private citizens. The DON recognizes the value of this communication channel in posting current information and supporting the morale of personnel, their family and friends. As long as personnel adhere to specific restrictions on content, the DON encourages the use of blogs and recognizes this free flow of information contributes to legitimate transparency of the DON to the American public whom we serve."


Cookie..... said...

John, I'll bet your dad might be able to clue you in better to what can, and cannot be posted. I imagine that things that can't be posted would probably be not much more than common sense, such as where they are being deployed to, any specific info on the ship, it's compliment or its weaponry...

Just a guess though....

John said...

Hea Cookie, I know better than to say where they ( the ship ) is going to go too on here but most of the rest is public information available on many websites. I just don't want to get John or Cindy in hot water. You can look up any ship and see it's weaponry and so on on the net. My Dad is of little help in the Blog questions. The stuff he worked on is all stuff that he can't talk about. I just want to know if I can post pictures of the ship ( the Navy even publishes them ) in the mayport mirror ( base newspaper available to the public )but John does not know if I can. There are so many military bloggers out there but I wonder what the rules really are?