Saturday, January 19, 2008

Quiet Day today

Today should be a quiet day. There is nothing going on here but the cold weather, it's 9 degrees outside right now. I think my wife Vicki and I are going to clean out a closet in what was formally my sons room, now our guest room and my computer room. Half of the stuff in there can go to the garage for storage.

I heard from my daughter Cindy again yesterday, she was doing well. She enjoyed going to Westfield Horton Plaza Mall with her roommate the other evening. She said that she thought about calling us when she got back to the Navy Base after shopping but it was too late in the evening. She said that the Mall is only 15 minutes from Base and that it is 5 stories high and seven blocks long. Cindy said that she is going back whenever she gets a chance.

My son John called from Naval Station Mayport, he just got back from another short cruise. John said that they had really rough seas this trip but he didn't throw up. LOL He said that it was hard to do the charts when his pens and tools were falling off the table onto the floor but he had fun. He really likes his job.

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