Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Good morning

Good morning, I am on my 4th cup of coffee today. I will have to make another pot soon ( bug cups ) LOL. Anyway, my daughter Cindy called last night from Naval Base San Diego where she is going to CIWS-C School. She has another test today and is sure that she will do well. She said that her instructors are really good and it is easy to learn from them. Cindy also said that she has made allot of friends on and off base there and she is having fun. Cindy told me that it was 65 degrees there when she called and everyone thought it was cold. :) It was 15 degrees here so she got no sympathy from me. Tonight it is supposed to get down to 5 degrees here in South East Kansas.

My son John also called from his base in Mayport Florida and was doing well. He was in training all day and will be doing that again today. John is going to try to come out and visit us again in March. He checked his leave yesterday and he currently has over 16 days of leave saved up. John was talking about coming out for 8-9 days this time. He will be too busy from April until after Christmas to come so this is the best time. That's about it from here for today.

Cindy, good luck on your test, I'm sure you will do great.


Cookie..... said...

Hey John & Buster...tell Cindy that if she ever gets over and visits the USS Midway....the official ships Photogragher is a very close personal friend of mine and if he's on board that day, he can show her places the average public doesn't see....


John said...

I'll tell her when I talk to her this weekend. Thanks Cookie.