Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Good evening everyone

Hello everyone. Sorry about the sporadic posting lately, we have been kinda busy the last few weeks here in Kansas. A good friend and neighbor "Joan" had a total knee replacement a few weeks ago and has had a hard time recovering and we have been trying to help her out a little. Another friend and neighbor of ours, "Doris", has been going through a tough time with back problems and we are also helping her a little too. Both of these ladies are more like family to us than friends and neighbors. Vicki and I kinda think of them as surrogate Mom's. Vicki's Mother passed away some time ago and my parents live over a thousand miles away from here. My wife has known them for 20 years and I have known them for 10 years. Today I brought Joan home from the hospital and tomorrow I am taking Doris to the Doctors. As for myself I am still having pain in my left knee and now it is starting to hurt in my right knee. I saw my Dr again today and he gave me more pain medicine and I am going to see an Orthopedic Surgeon on the 28th to talk about surgery on my left knee. :) I have had several surgeries on my knees in the past so I know what to expect and I am not looking forward to more operations but things are not getting better on their own.

Our daughter Cindy in the Navy will travel to Everett Washington tomorrow afternoon. Cindy just graduated from FC CIWS C-School in San Diego July 3rd and will be going to the USS Abraham Lincoln. The Abe Lincoln will be Cindy's first ship. We are excited for her and wish her the best. Cindy, let us know your address as soon as you can and do you have pictures of your graduation that I can post? :)

Our son in the Navy, John is out to sea right now on his ship the USS Doyle. John promised lots of pictures when he gets back which should be in a few days. John is an OS on the Doyle.

I hope everyone out there reading this is doing well and I will post more frequently when things settle down here. Keep checking back for updates.
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