Sunday, June 25, 2006

My Son's view on the Opera 9 vs. Firefox 1.5 Web Browser Debate

My son John A. posted this as a comment on another post of mine but I feel it is worthy of it's own post. What is your view?

My Son's view on the Opera 9 vs. Firefox 1.5 Web Browser Debate:

"A lot of people say they like Firefox because of "Firefox’s easy to use interface". The truth is, Opera is just as easy to use and there are more ways to do things with more keyboard shortcuts (which you can edit), mouse gestures (you can edit those too), and even voice control. With all of those you can browse the internet a lot faster.

Opera also has some other nice features including page zoom (can zoom in on text, images, java, flash, and some other things), 'fit to window' (Makes websites fit into a smaller screen without needing horizontal scrolling), sessions (the session includes the history of each tab, the settings for each tab, and the web page of each tab. sessions include as many windows/tabs as you want and it is easy to save/manage them), tabs, pop-up blocking, easy searching, (has a search box that includes Google, Ebay, and some other search engines.) themes, and a download manager (lets you list, pause, resume, or restart the downloading of different files. You are able to open the download right from the download manager and it can keep a history of recent downloads. ), widgets and BitTorrent downloading.

Opera is also one of the best browsers (if not the best) at meeting internet standards.
If you're a Firefox user you should just give Opera a chance, use it for about a week to get use to it and see what you think, when you go back to Firefox you will most likely be annoyed at how slow it is and how you can't do mouse gestures.

I’ve gotten to the point where I took off the back and forward buttons because I never use them. Why go all the way up to the back button when you can just do a mouse gesture anywhere in the browser window to go back/forwards?"

What is your view?

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