Sunday, June 25, 2006

Free Web Browser May Give You More Than You Asked For

Free Web Browser May Give You More Than You Asked For - Yahoo! News:

"A free Web browser that bills itself as a tool for privacy protection is, in fact, a click-fraud engine for pornographic Web sites, security vendor Panda Software warned today.

Browsezilla, whose name and Lizard-like mascot are reminiscent of the open-source Mozilla browser products, claims to help surfers cover their tracks when visiting pornographic sites. It does not use browser history or save data to a cache, and it allows users to save their bookmarks on a remote server, according to the product's Web site.

However, Browsezilla also secretly installs adware that boosts the page view counts on certain pornographic Web sites, according to J.J. Schoch, director of marketing with Panda. 'It's being used deceptively to get more hits on their site,' Schoch says. 'This adware opens a series of adult web pages, although they are not visible to the user.'"

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