Friday, November 05, 2010

Just going to vent about all the great news. LOL

Just going to vent about all the great news. LOL

According to the government the consumer price index stayed the same for a second year. I really want to shop where they shop.

Yesterday I heard that meat and grain prices are going up across the country ( even fast food like McDonalds are raising their prices ) because China and India are demanding more of these products. Today I read that cotton prices are going up in January ( clothes )

"Bad weather in cotton-producing regions of India and China, and flooding in Pakistan, resulted in poor harvests this season, driving cotton prices up nearly 80% since the summer. So far, most clothing makers haven't passed that cost increase along to consumers. But in recent weeks, the parent companies of a variety of brands - including retail chain Bon-Ton, Jones New York, Hanes, premium denim producer 7 For All Mankind and outdoor clothing maker North Face - have said they expect to raise their prices by up to 10% in 2011."

and Coffee prices are going up " Crops in South America have been threatened by bad weather, forcing Brazil to talk about hoarding their stocks. With US stockpiles at a 10-year low, both US coffee companies and consumers will be faced with higher prices. As retailers start paying more, the coffee you drop into your shopping cart may very soon start costing you more at the register.Supermarket chain Publix said it has left some coffee prices unchanged to remain competitive. But the grocer has boosted prices on some brands, including a container of Folgers Classic Aroma Coffee, which used to cost $8.99 and is now being sold for $9.99."

This week I went to Wal-Mart to buy a multi pack of tissues and they cost me $5.00, the same product was $3.94 last week. I noticed that some snack cakes went from 50 cents to 69 cents in the last year, and bread prices have increased by about 20% in the last year.

At least it's good to know that the "consumer price index" hasn't changed and our money will go as far as it did in the past years. What a bunch of BS....

Thanks for letting me blow off some steam, now I will return to my normal self... LOL

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