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How to transfer iTunes Library Music from one computer to another

How to transfer iTunes Library Music from one computer to another: "

Using iTunes directly it’s almost impossible to transfer music from one computer to another which is possibly because Apple restricts the music bought by you to share it with others, specially one you purchased from iTunes store. But that’s almost and still music can be transferred from one computer to other.

In Computer A

Step 1:

  • Start iTunes and go to Edit > Preferences in the menu.
  • Switch to advanced Tab. A folder path is available there which stores all the Media Info.
  • Copy that path to notepad and make sure the option which says Copy Files to iTunes Media Folder when adding to library, is checked.

iTunes Media Folder Settings

Step 2:

  • Now connect your iPad or iPod or iPhone device to iTunes.
  • Dont sync and stop if it starts automatically.
  • Select your device in iTunes on left.
  • Now on your right, under Summary Tab look for heading which says Options.
  • Under this check the option of Manually manage music and videos.

iTunes Device Options Manual Sync

Step 3 :

In First Step we opted to copy music automatically option but if this is first time you have done this, the change will take place only when you add music here. So to transfer existing music to iTunes Media we will use the Consolidate File options.

Go to Library > organize Library > Consolidate File check box.

iTunes Consolidate Library

Step 3:

  • Now since you selected all music to be copied to the iTunes Media Folder, it makes it easy for you to get songs any where you want.
  • Go to the Folder which is my case is C:\Users\AshishM\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media
  • There is a Music Folder here which has all the songs in different folders which are actually the Albums name.
  • Copy this folder to an external drive depending on the size.

In Computer B’

Step 4:

Now lets move to your second computer. You will have to repeat the Step 1 here again to find your iTunes Media Folder and make sure you have check the option of copy.

Navigate to the iTunes Media Folder on new computer, for me it is C:\Users\AshishM\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media folder, and paste the Music Folder you have in your External or USB drive here. In case there is already few songs existing then add the content of folder you have in external drive to the Music Folder.

iTunes Transfering Music Folder

Step 5 :

Now all our music from Computer A is in Computer B. Now all we need to do is make iTunes aware of it which can be done by using the import function of iTunes which is under preference. Since you have chosen for consolidate option, music stays there.

Step 6 :

Now connect your device with iTunes here and remove the option of manual sync. Now since both devices have same set of songs you do not loose any music.

Thats it. Now your music from one iTunes is transferred to another iTunes Library. Now if you add music in your new computer, you can transfer it to old computer same way.

Drawbacks of this method :

Surprised ? Yes there are couple of drawbacks using this process. The songs imported now doesnt carry any other information apart from the song i.e. you ratings for songs, playlist etc etc. Coming posts we will see on how you perform complete transfer of this.

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