Saturday, July 31, 2010

Good afternoon

Good afternoon everyone and hi Cindy. :) I have been busy with Dr appts lately. When I was in the hospital for the heart cath my white count was really high. I had it tested again last week and it's still high but it did go down a little. I see the Dr again Monday afternoon. To my son John, we made you favorite dinner last night, the Mac and cheese with tomatoes, extra sharp cheese, salsa, and ground beef. Man it was good. :) Today I made egg salad.

It's still hot here with the current heat index of 107 degrees and we are supposed to get hotter this week. Right now I'm lobbying to do away with winter and summer. I just want spring and fall weather from now on. Last night we got to see several meteors from the Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower. If your out tonight look up. Maximum currently occurs on July 29/30 but it will be around for several more days.

I talked to my son John yesterday and my son Mike today. It's always great to talk to my kids. Mike is going on leave to Seoul this week. Hope you have a good time Mike. Cindy is out to sea on The USS Abraham Lincoln and John's ship the USS Doyle just got back to port. I miss all three of you.

That's about all for now. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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Cookie..... said...

First off, I like the sound of the Mac & Cheese. I really enjoy a good M/C especially those made with other varied ingredients such as you mentioned. If'n y'all get a chance in between Doctors appt's send me the recipe please, seriously!

107!! Damn, I don't know how in the hell (and its sounds like the heat of hell) you guys do it. Elaine and myself don't do heat well at all. It tends to make us sick.

Although I don't know your young partiots, I'm proud of them for doing their duty and supporting our great nation. Thier military experiences will build charecter and be something they will also be proud of in later years. God Bless them all!

I know I probably don't have to say this but tell Buster it's;

SHARK WEEK. She can now curl up on the couch and be titilated fer a whole week while know'n that she's as safe as hell deep in the geographical center of these United States and the nearest sharks are about 1500 miles away. ;-)