Friday, July 16, 2010

Another Day

My son Mike with his police vehicle in South Korea

Cindy with her gun the CIWS

Cindy with her gun the CIWS

Good morning, it's going to be another hot day here in Kansas. It's 10:15am and the heat index is 93.7 °F, it will be in the low 100s by this afternoon. Today I plan on cleaning the house and tomorrow I will mow the lawn. Trying to get things done before I go to the hospital Monday. :) My son Mike called me from South Korea today. Mike is doing well but he is exhausted, Mike is an MP in the Army. My other kids ( Cindy and John ) are in the Navy and both are out at sea right now. John will be back soon but Cindy will be gone for a long while. I love and miss you both. I'll write more this weekend. I know Cindy will read this so a big hi to my daughter on the USS Abraham Lincoln. We're proud of you.

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