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USS Doyle (FFG-39)Image via WikipediaGood morning all, sorry I haven't posted in a while but I have been having bad headaches. I was in the hospital for several days after having a headache for 19 days straight. While in the hospital they were able to get the headache to go away on the last day I was there only to have it return intermittently after I got home. The Dr changed some of my meds and I have an appt to see a Neurologist in January.

My kids Cindy and John are doing well and are both out to sea with their ships, Cindy on the USS Abe Lincoln and John on the USS Doyle. I hear from them frequently through e-mail. :)

From what I have read in the news Cindy's ship should be back in port here in the states next month sometime. "The USS Abraham Lincoln from Naval Station Everett has been deployed since March with the Fifth Fleet as flagship of Carrier Strike Group 9. It's missions have involved deployments to support combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is slated to return to Everett next month." I'm not sure when John will be coming back from his stuff.

Cindy finally got her enlistment bonus this month so she is very happy. I have no idea what she is going to do with all that money. :) I asked Cindy how her birthday was while out to sea and asked what she did for fun and here was her response. Cindy is an FC on the Abe Lincoln.

"For birthdays underway we have every month a birthday party. Its usually held in the chiefs or first class mess for everyone who had a birthday that month. I have explored a little but the ship is huge so I haven't gone very many places. I don't usually have time for much. I work from 0730 to 2200 most days. In my lil bit of free time I check emails, read a book, play my gameboy or ds and watch tv."

John is done Cranking ( working in the ships mess ) now and back to his regular job. John is an OS on the Doyle.

John's ship in the news:

"Navy Ships Depart for Joint Warrior Exercise
Story Number: NNS080922-08
Release Date: 9/22/2008 6:18:00 AM

By Lt. j.g. Arlo Abrahamson, Commander, Destroyer Squadron 24 Public Affairs

USS DOYLE, At Sea (NNS) -- Ships led by Commander, Destroyer Squadron (COMDESRON) 24 left the U.S. East Coast for Scotland Sept. 19 to participate with allied navies in Joint Warrior, a coalition exercise designed and led by the Joint Tactical Exercise Planning Staff (JTEPS) in the United Kingdom.

Sailors from USS Mitscher (DDG 57), USS Doyle (FFG 39), USS Klakring (FFG 42), USS Hawes (FFG 53) and USNS Leroy Grumman (T-AO 195) will play a prominent role in the exercise intended to improve interoperability between coalition naval forces and prepare participants for upcoming deployments.

"Joint Warrior will provide our Sailors with an opportunity to engage in a variety of training scenarios that explore real-world challenges on a strategic, operational and tactical level – in a controlled environment," said Capt John Kersh, commander, DESRON 24. "We will focus our efforts on enhancing our ability to operate in a multinational, multi-platform environment."

The exercise supports the Navy's Maritime Strategy, which revolves around partnerships and a global maritime network of many countries' navies with the goal of patrolling the world's seas. The exercise also serves as a deployment certification event for the participating U.S. ships, preparing ready maritime forces for global assignment.

"The relationships we make during Joint Warrior are vital to ensure we are ready to engage in a host of global maritime security operations," said Lt. Cmdr. Gil Ayan, material officer for DESRON 24.

"We become more effective by operating with allied navies and leveraging our individual strengths. This builds trust and mutual cooperation, which will make us a more capable combined force in a real-time operational environment."

Joint Warrior will begin in early October and is expected to last approximately two weeks. It will involve air, sea and ground assets from participating allied and NATO forces.

"This exercise captures the essence of our teaming concept with allies and partners in the execution of the Maritime Strategy," said Kersh. "The bottom line is that five U.S. ships and a host of allied ships will come away from this exercise at the top of their game and ready to support joint maritime operations worldwide. The exercise is a win-win for everyone involved."

For more news from USS Doyle and other surface combatants, visit "

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