Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday morning

My wife Vicki fell yesterday ( she will be just fine ) She was standing on the railing for the daybed trying to open the curtain and fell down and got stuck between the daybed, wall, and under the rocking chair. When she fell she broke our son Mikes fan that was in there and also broke the mini blind on the front window. I was not home when it happened and she laid there screaming for help for about 30 minutes. Her voice was almost gone by the time I got home. I was able to get her fingers out of the mini blind mechanism where they got stuck and get her up. I made her Promise to not climb on anything unless I am home and she ask me first from now on. She is all bruised up now but nothing that won't heal with time. :) Just to let you know that Vicki has MS so she has balance problems even when her feet are on the ground.

Our son Mike called last night from Army basic training ( he called from his cell phone ). Mike said it's hard but that he will make it through. He said that I should get his address within the next two weeks. He wants me to keep him up to date on the Ravens football games. He said that he loved us and sounded very good. He also said that they can get care packages but that they can be no bigger that an shoe box. That's interesting that in Army basic they can get stuff. When his brother and sister went through Navy boot camp in 2007 all they could get were letters and no way would they have had a cell phone after the first few hrs.

Our daughter FC3 Cindy is checked out of the USS Abe Lincoln. Cindy has been doing NKO ( Navy Knowledge Online ) courses for her IA. She flies out to San Diego on Sunday for the start of IA training. She calls just about every day on her way to and from work on the ship and is doing just fine. We are so proud of her.

Our son OS3 John e-mailed several times from his ship the USS Doyle. He is doing well and will probably be going to GCCS-M school sometime after they get back from deployment. John said "There isn’t a lot going on here right now, I watched a really funny movie last night called “How to lose friends and alienate people”. It has the same main actor as Hot Fuzz."

As for me, I will be 45 years old tomorrow. I have no plans for my birthday, just hang around. It's been getting colder here, this morning it was 43 degrees when I woke up. We have been turning on the heat at night. That's about all for now. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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