Friday, September 04, 2009

Friday Morning

Good morning, it's a rainy Friday morning here in SE Kansas. I finished painting the body of our house this week and it looks nice. I will put some pictures up as soon as the rain clears. I still have to finish painting the soffits but I need a longer ladder to do that and my knees are really messed up and swollen right now.

My Navy daughter Cindy has been busy getting ready for her IA training. Cindy will go to Camp Victory in Iraq the beginning of Feb. Untill then she is doing medical, putting stuff in storage, and allot of training with the Army. Cindy is fighting a cold right now and working allot. Hope she starts to feel better soon. Cindy's birthday is comeing up on the 19th of this month. Cindy will be 23yo. Sure make me feel old to have kids that age. :)

My Navy son John has sent several e-mails from his deployment. They are on a 6 month deployment around South America. This is from one of Johns emails, I put initials for the names to protect the other sailors identities. "The last port was really nice. I think it was by far the best port. We were able to get some time off to relax and have fun. The new OS "U", a new ET "D", "R", and I went to look at the stores, ate, and watched Final Destination 4 on our last day in port. It was a lot of fun." John also said that they went to the beach allot. Aside from that they have been busy with training and work.

Johns ship in the Trinidad news

My youngest son Mike is getting ready to go to Army basic training Sept 15th. Mike has been going to the gym several days a week and hanging out with some friends that he met while here in Kansas.

That's about all for now, hope everyone has a great weekend.

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