Thursday, April 10, 2008

Congratulations John

Good afternoon. I just got a call from my son John. John called me to tell me that he had a great day today on his Ship. He was awarded the Navy Achievement Medal today for the Battle E that his ship got.

Yesterday they ( his Ship ) had a picnic and John played Chess for a while. He said that the CO and XO came over to watch him and that the XO challenged him to a game when they got underway next time.

So far John has:

*National Defense Service Medal
*War on Terrorism Service Medal
*Marksmanship ribbon
*Battle E
*Navy Achievement Medal

Congratulations and good job John.

I haven't heard from my daughter Cindy but I am sure that she is doing great in CIWS C-School in San Diego. Cindy will be going to the fleet sometime in July.

We are very proud of both of our kids in the Navy.


Cookie..... said...

Man...its beginning t'look like John may have found a home. I hope so...the Navy can be a very good and rewarding career....of course...I'm just a tad biased...... ;-)

Cookie..... said...

BTW....has Buster decided to test her acrobatic skills out agin.. :-)

John said...

Hi Cookie, Thanks. I told John A. what you said. He was really excited to get the Navy Achievement Medal. :) He really does seem to be doing well in the Navy. I will have to have Vicki read the acrobatic skills comment. She has been sick for a few weeks now. Take care. John

Cookie..... said...

Elaine thought something might be up with Vicki because we hadn't heard frum y'all in some time....