Sunday, May 28, 2006

Frigidaire Sucks

A few years ago my wife and I bought a Frigidaire Gallery edition washer and dryer. They both worked fine through the warrantee period ( one year ) but shortly afterwards things started falling apart. First it was the plastic knobs on the washer and dryer, they broke, then the Rear bearing support cup on the dryer melted. It is so stupid to have a plastic support that the metal drum spins in. You are just asking for problems. If it was made out of metal it would last a lifetime. Now the washer drive belt broke and the dryer support cup is melting again. My parents had a washer and dryer that lasted for almost 20 years without all these problems. I will never buy Frigidiare again. What a pain. The good news is that there is a great website that tells you how to fix the things and sells the parts at reasonable prices. Check them out. :)

Addendum to my post;
I forgot about having to change the dryer belt & the idler pulley on the dryer also a year ago.


Cookie..... said...

The sad thing is that we had a summer home in the Adirondacks that...when we bought the place...had an old..1950's model Frigidaire refrigerator that lasted for over 40 fricken years...guess the old sayin is true..."They don't builds em like they used to"...

Cookie..... said...

...also...I'm not sure sure if todays products are just shoddy incompetent planning and workmanship...or "planned obsolescence"...what do you Big John...?

John said...

That is sure true. Now they make junk with cheep plastic parts.

John said...

Definitely "planned obsolescence" on the manufacturers parts. What a pain in the ass.

Anonymous said...

You forgot about having to change the dryer belt & the idler pulley on the dryer also.

Cookie expensive items are becoming worse than lightbulbs these days. I believe things are deliberately made to break down. Keeps the industries pockets lined.

Oh & hubby Honey I am still waiting for a chainsaw & slegehammer. That way the next time something goes completely kaput...I can dismantle the piece of crap so that it is unidentifiable.

Oh, oh, oh...I know I want one of those commercial trash compactors like the city dump has. I know it would be expensive...but just think of how much fun I could have.

I still dare to dream...Next time I get money for Christmas or the natal day...I am leaving you at home so I can buy some power tools!
I just realized everytime I want to purchase a power tool you have some good reason we need something else worse. I am onto your little game now! I bet your the one that told Tuffy not to sell me the chainsaw at his garage sale.

Give it up honey... you are so busted! "The POWWER TOOLS shall be mine...oh yes...they shall be mine."

Your Loving wife, Vicki/Buster