Monday, May 04, 2009

Don't ever ask, what else can go wrong? LOL

Last evening the rain finally stopped and I went out to mow the lawn with my new mower blade installed, I was half-way done when the gas tank fell off the mower. I quickly fixed that and continued mowing and when I was just about done the back left wheel broke off the mower ( the mower deck cracked ) I finished mowing anyway by holding the mower up and I will fix the mower deck today with some sheet metal.

In the last two weeks:

The washing machine tub cracked and we bought a used one from Home Appliance for $160.00. The used washer lasted two days and stopped working. They came out and said it couldn't be fixed so we ended up buying a new one from them ( they did apply the money from the used one to the new one ) and we are happy with the new GE Washer.

The Central air stopped working in our house. The Contractors came out and fixed that with a new capacitor, Freon, and two new pipes.

I went to plant our small garden and my shovel broke in half, I bought a new one.

The mower blade bent in half the last time I mowed, I bought a new blade and installed it.

Don't ever ask, what else can go wrong? LOL

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