Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu PSA From The 1970’s and a funny story from my childhood

This is a true story from my childhood. I remember my father taking my brother and me to get the Swine Flu vaccine at a local school that was immunizing people in our community in 1976. My brother who was afraid of shots at the time was very nervous. We waited in line for what seemed like hrs. Once we got up to the door of the school my brother promptly turned around and started running away through he parking lot screaming I'm blind, I'm blind. People in the line behind us thought he got the shot and went blind and they really looked panicked. My father and I had to tell them that he hadn't even got the shot yet. He did end up getting vaccinated and we were just fine.
Good advice for the Swine Flu, Get tamaflu as soon as you begin to feel ill. Don't touch any surfaces then touch your eyes or nose. Wash hands frequently and stay away from coughing people.

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