Sunday, December 07, 2008

John is coming home for Christmas

Good morning everyone. I've been up for a few hours now and am just brewing my second pot of coffee for the day. It's cool here with the temp outside a chilly 28 degrees. I just finished reading my news via bloglines for the day and am listening to music ( Willie Nelson's Stardust album ). Our son in the Navy, John is coming home for Christmas on the 16th and he will be here until the 28th. My parents sent me some more pictures from when John spent Thanksgiving with them in Florida. I posted one with John and my Mom above.

We haven't heard from our daughter Cindy in a while, her ship the USS Abraham Lincoln is conducting operations off the Southern California coast right now. I'm not sure what her Christmas plans are at the moment. That's about all I know now, hope everyone has a nice Sunday.

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Cookie..... said...

A sailor home from the sea. Always great news during the Christmas season.