Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas yesterday

Good morning, I hope everyone had a nice Christmas yesterday. My wife and I didn't do anything special. We are going to celebrate Christmas tomorrow evening after our son John A. comes. I am picking up John A. from the airport in Kansas City tomorrow morning. John A. spent Christmas eve and Christmas day with my parents in Port Orange Florida and then they took him back to Naval Station Mayport. He will work on the ship, the USS Doyle today and tonight and then go to the airport in Jacksonville Florida in the morning to catch a plane to come here for a week.

John A. in yellow shirt with my cousin John M right.

Mom, John A. and Dad

John A.

John A. giving my grandfather ( also named John ) a present.

John A.

John A., Dad, and Mom

John A.

John A. opening a present

John A. and Mom

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