Monday, July 09, 2007

Navy Boot Camp ( Call Home )

My Son John ( before boot camp ) currently in Boot Camp going to be an Operations Specialist ( OS ) Graduates August 10th, 07

My Daughter Cindy ( FCSA USN ) in her A School for AECF FC

My son John just called from Navy Boot Camp and we talked for 30min. It was great hearing from him. He said that he is doing well and will graduate Aug 10, 2007. When I asked how boot camp was going he said that it was hard but going good and definitely worth it. I am very proud of both of my children that are serving in the United States Navy. My daughter Cindy is in her A school and is also doing well and loves it. We are very proud of them.

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Cookie..... said...

As an old Navy "Bubblehead" and Seabee....I'm proud of em also....Good on them....