Saturday, July 28, 2007

Another letter from my son John this week who is currently in Boot Camp with the Navy

I got another letter from my son John this week who is currently in Boot Camp with the Navy. Letter below.

"I got really sick on Monday the 16th and ended up having to go to medical. I had a temp of 101.6. If your temp is above 100.8 they make you SIQ " Sick In Quarters". I was SIQ on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday, the 16th, 17th, and 18th. I was vomiting about 6 or 7 times a day, and I lost my voice. I am feeling Great now ( August 22nd ) though, so don't worry. When I was sick I really missed home. It would have been nice being in my own bed watching TV and eating soup.

Vicki your letter really helped me when I was feeling sick. No they don't check the mail except for pictures. I am learning allot of cool stuff like how to use a 9mm and a Shotgun. Since I was SIQ I wont do the real guns until Monday the 23rd. I can't tell you if there are things I can't tell you. LOL

Hea, send me some song lyrics! I like reading the. The full " Come Sail Away by Styx and some other GOOD SONGS. NO ABBA SHIT!! :)

Tell Mable and Ruel, Joan, Doris, Gram and Pop, Cindy, Mike and on Facebook Alex and Adam that I said hi. And anyone that I couldn't think of.

I don't have allot of time to write since I was SIQ for 3 days. I have allot to catch up on as far as studying goes. This will be the only letter I write this week. Hope everyone is doing good.

Love, John"


Cookie..... said...

Glad he's feelin better now...

Geez....anuther thing we never had when I was in...SIQ. If'n ya were sick...too fricken bad....suck it up and keep on going....

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